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Business Growth Doesn't Happen Without Personal Growth

business growth mindset personal growth Sep 27, 2021

As business owners/ entrepreneurs we're all looking for the next step in our business growth - the next great marketing tool that gets patients in the door; the next best product we can use to help increase revenue per patient; the next best piece of equipment we need to buy that no one else has.

BUT... are you neglecting a key part of your business? 

YOU. You are the key to all the business growth you desire. What if the next evolution in your business is actually an evolution of yourself?


I have many (almost all) of my clients that come to me looking for all the tools, actions, systems, and the "just tell us what to do" in order to build and grow their practice types of statements. They all want the actions that lead to the outcome. That outcome is usually about the almighty dollar. Questions like:

  • How do we get more patients in the door? (marketing)
  • How can we get out patients to leave us more reviews? (social proof)
  • We have all these products we can't seem to get out patients to buy. (Sales)
  • What about social media? (marketing)
  • How did you grow so fast? (scaling)
  • I can't keep staff on board, what do I do? (leadership)

Here's what they neglect - the MINDSET. They actually believe when they have the million dollar practice, they will be somebody. Here's the thing, it doesn't work like that. You don't get the thing you desire and then become someone. You must become that person BEFORE you can have that desired outcome. People that don't have the mindset become the one hit wonders of the world or what I call high achievers.


A high achiever is someone who did one thing great one time and it probably burned them out because they had zero self-control or good habits that lead to continued success. They see the immediate thing they desire without knowing what they want long term.

They will dump all their energy and resources into achieving one single short term goal and then revert right back into a pattern of poor habits. This happens because they do not seek a change in identity that leads to long term sustainable high performance. 

Think of it like this: "I gotta lose 15 lbs to get ready for summer" vs "I need to lose 15 lbs for the betterment of my health." Which one do you think is the sustainable mindset? 

The high achiever sees his life from the top down and sets a series of short term wins that lead to a long term goal. And guess what, they're always refining that long term goal. In our example above its "the betterment of my health." This long term goal leads to developing positive eating and exercise habits that are sustainable. 

Do you see the difference in the identity and the mindset required to achieve the goal?

What is MINDSET?

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It will influence how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.

It is a series of self-perceptions or beliefs you hold about yourself. These determine behavior, outlook and mental attitude. For example, believing you are either 'intelligent' or 'unintelligent' or knowing the difference between 'making a mess' and 'being a mess.'

Your mindset is also the thing that will judge you when you make a mistake and tell you things like:

  • "I'm not good enough."
  • "I guess it wasn't meant to be."
  • "How come it worked for them, but not for me."
  • "This makes me feel stupid."
  • "This requires someone much more intelligent than me."

The thoughts above are indicative of a FIXED MINDSET. Fixed meaning, you aren't going anywhere. 


  1. Abundance: do you welcome all the gifts that come into your life with appreciation or are you the one that's too good to pick up the penny on the side walk? To understand abundance you must also understand scarcity. When we think the world is constantly trying to take from us we will subconsciously look for and experience that in our day to day interactions. When you welcome growth and abundance into your life, you will attract more of it. Sound hokey? I dare you to try shifting your look of the world to one of abundance and then come say I'm wrong.
  2. Positive: ya know that family member you can't stand to be around during the holidays of family gatherings because they never have anything good to say? They're constantly complaining? No? If you can't think of one, then you are that one. When you look upon every situation staring at the problem, you will only see more of that problem. When you look for the solution or for the opportunity, you are 90% more likely to find success. Your complaining is not helping you accomplish anything. 
  3. Growth: You understand that you can increase your intelligence by learning, and you aren’t afraid of a challenge. You believe that the best way to learn is to work hard, and you are willing to make mistakes while you do it. Those mistakes lend you new opportunities to learn and apply what you now know to the next obstacle. You don't get fixated on the problem, only the solution. 

These types of mindsets are not destinations. They are a continuous journey and if you desire to have a successful business, but you aren't there yet.... look no further than your own mindset. 


For every business skill you hope to acquire, there is an associated personal growth tool that goes with it.

  • Sales - confidence
  • Marketing - creativity
  • Hiring the right team - leadership
  • Scaling - good habits and planning

You can not grow you business without growing yourself. 

Who do you need to become in order to have all that you desire from your life, business and relationships?

That is the question we should all be answering. Once we find that answer and decide to pursue it, the world around us will change also.

Cheers -

Coach Tribby




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