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3 Key Elements To Improve Your Productivity

entrepreneur habits multitasking organized productivity Apr 19, 2021

Ever feel like time is in short supply and you just can't seem to get all the shit done that needs doing on a daily basis? Maybe you feel like you have to have your hands in everything because if not it won't get done right? Yea, you're not alone. The problem is, you're not acting like a business owner when you're in this frame of mind. In fact, you own a job (or several) versus owning a business. 

I'm often fascinated by the number of business owners who fancy "multitasking" as a real desirable skill. When I hear someone say, "I'm a great multitasker;" what I've actually just heard them say is that they are great at doing a lot of things but accomplishing nothing. Think about it. How many times have you felt like you were so busy, but can't recall what you actually got done?

Let's talk about 3 things that can help you, as healthcare entrepreneur, get your productivity on track.

  1. Eliminate: You're doing too much. You need to get rid of all the actions that aren't serving you or your business. Make a list of all the things you do everyday and decide which ones aren't serving you. Then get rid of them. When I coach clients directly, I often have them write down everything single thing they do on a daily basis for 3 days straight. EVERYTHING -go to the bathroom, eat, scroll social media, see patients, answer emails, etc. Then I tell them to eliminate half of it. While this seems extreme, it does get you to look at all the things you're doing on a daily basis and come to grips with the ones that are stealing time from you. After all, there are 168 hours in the week, how are you using them?
  2. Delegate: Why do you have your hands in everything? What tasks are you doing that you could hand off to someone else who is able do them just as well if not better than you? Good business owners hire good people who are motivated to do a good job. That way you can spend your time in your creativity and passion. Stop micromanaging and let people do what they do while you do what you do. If you have trouble trusting people to do this because you feel they "can't do it as well as you can," then maybe you need to hire better people. OR, maybe you need to learn that trust is given NOT earned and your control patterns need a little coaching. (Shameless plug: everyone business owner should have a coach)
  3. Systemize: What tasks could easily become more productive if you adopted a system or built a system to sustain it? Is there an app of service or device that would make your day to day tasks easier and more efficient. A business is nothing more than a system of systems. You have an EMR (electronic medical records) system to manage patient documentation right? It would be a huge pain in the ass to go back to paper charting and maintaining that, so what other systems are out there you could adopt to your practice that help streamline the madness into something beautifully organized. Go back to your list in the "eliminate" section. What could be eliminate by systemizing?

At the end of the day, you are a representation of your business and your "brand." If you're unorganized and running around crazy then the perception of your business will eventually be the same. Ask yourself what role is it that you should be playing in your business? What are your strengths? Stick to those and put systems and people into place that can help you with the rest. This is the difference between owning a business and owning a job. Pay someone else to pick up your laundry, or deliver ready made meals to your door, or grab your kids from school. Find ways to free up time so you can give your best attention to the task that is in front of you. 

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