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3 Reasons Your Email Marketing Sucks and How to Fix It

email marketing Jun 28, 2021

Some of you may be thinking, "What email marketing? We don’t do email marketing.” But, don't stop reading yet because one of the problems we’re going to discuss is your lack of email marketing and how it's costing you money.

Many people have offered up this idea that "email marketing is dead." Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about how many emails you get every day from companies you have bought clothing from or shoes from or TV equipment from… I bet it's a lot. These companies refuse to let you forget about them and just when you think you don’t need to buy another thing from Banana Republic there’s a sale on your favorite pants. 

The biggest problem I see inside of healthcare is that we see people for their regularly scheduled appointment, collect a co-pay, bill their insurance and then we don't see them again until they need us. Email marketing can help close the gap between visits for your patients and keep them adding to your revenue stream. You have the opportunity to continue to sell them products and services you offer and recommend and that they will buy simply because you are a healthcare provider who suggested they do so. 

For those of you doing email marketing, there are some common mistakes that make your patients tune you out. Fix these and your email campaigns will close more leads and give you the opportunity to close more sales, which gives you extra revenue. Here they are:


  1. You aren’t doing email marketing
  2. You’re not focused on one single thing
  3. You’re not offering value


You aren’t doing email marketing

When people fill out their paperwork they often give you an email address which you only use to verify appointments. This is leaving money on the table especially if you have ancillary products or services that you could be selling inside of your practice.

For example, inside my regenerative medicine practice we also offer aesthetics. In our emails we advertise to our orthopedic patients about our aesthetic treatments. You never know who may have already been eyeballing what you do but never asked about it. This is a way to inform them and give them more information without the dreaded feeling of coming across “salesy."

Another example would be if you are a dermatologist and you offer skin care products. Wouldn't it be a smart option to send your skin care patients your recommended products with an invitation to give your office a call if they would like to purchase this product? Of course it would. 

Use your email addresses to do these 5 things:

  1. Deliver an asset: Send out a free downloadable PDF on the top 5 things you can do at home to help your back pain (or some other free content that builds more credibility and trust)
  2. Problem & Solution: Here is a common problem we see and here is our solution to correct it.
  3. Overcome an objection: As a cash pay practice owner, I frequently get objections to cost. In response to that, I send out emails that talk about cost and I create a comparison that helps justify the cost of out services. You can do the same with your common objections.
  4. Provide a testimonial: If a patient left you a raving review, share it! If it’s a video, even better. 
  5. Paradigm shift: Here is what we used to think, but now that may not be true any more. I use this one a lot to discuss the dangers of over using steroids for joint issues in my practice. “We used to think steroids were the best things for helping pain, but guess what we know now?” 


You’re not focused on one single thing

If you are sending emails out let’s talk about that newsletter you send out. That long drawn out email about whats happening in your practice with the pictures and who’s birthday is this month and what event you’re going to….. is useless. Most people will not read it because it has nothing to with them and how you can help them.

When you inundate people with too many choices, they will block you out. Decide what the goal is for your email. What do you want people to do with the information you are giving them and call them to action on it. Talk about one single thing in your email, use more words than pictures, and ask people for something. Tell them to call your office to find out more or click here to schedule or purchase now.

Avoid asking them for too many things that require them to think too much. Instead use this type of set up:

  1. Tell them a story about a pain point they may be experiencing and show some empathy towards it.
  2. Offer a solution that is your speciality - this shows your authority. 
  3. Then describe what life will look like after they purchase or schedule.
  4. Call them to action: call now, schedule by clicking here


You’re not offering value

Stop talking about yourself and stop using medical jargon. People relate to you on a 5th grade level of language and they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Leave the insider medical language out of your emails. People don't care about the science behind the latest and greatest discovery for gout. They only care that you have a solution to their problem.

Give people real value in your email. Talk to them about common problems they are facing in regards to your speciality and offer real solutions to the problem - YES, FOR FREE. I meet so many healthcare providers who fear that if they give free information then the patients won’t come. Thats the farthest thing from the truth. The more value you give people, the more inclined they will be to view you as an expert and give you their business.

Give them the value and then ask for it is you want them to do. Purchase here. Schedule now. Call us now. 

Don’t believe me, well if you won’t give out free information, I promise you someone else is.



Email marketing is not dead. As a matter of fact you are reading this blog because I sent you an email about email campaigns. Ha ha. This particular blog is offering you tons of free value about how to better structure your email campaigns. I gave you only thing to do which was to click the link and read the blog. 

IN the comments, tell me your successes with email campaigns. What have you seen work the best?

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