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20 New Patients a Month, Guaranteed. Don't Buy It.

business marketing sales Jun 21, 2021

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have some marketing person in my inbox trying to convince me that he or she can get me 20-30 new "qualified" patients per month. As a fellow healthcare provider, I'm guessing you also get these frequently.

The problem? These people aren't actually helping your business. They're hurting it. 

Don't get me wrong, marketing that attracts and brings people into your practice is a good thing.... IF, they're your ideal patient AND you can convert them.

The biggest problems I have experienced with these services are:

  1. The people they bring in aren't your ideal patient
  2. There is no sales process in place to convert them 

Let's tackle the first problem. As a healthcare practice you should have an ideal patient avatar or IPA as I call it. This is the person you would prefer to work with on a regular basis. A lot of times these marketers advertising new leads every month are exactly that, leads. They may or may not be your ideal patient. They may or may not even be warm leads. 

I have called people that were "leads" from one of these types of marketers and have had not so pleasant conversations with these patients. They asked me questions like:

  • How did you get this number?
  • I've never even heard of you.
  • What is it you do again? I'm not looking for that. 

Not a great way to start a conversation with a potential patient. 

The second problem, sales. The number 1 skill you and your team must posses is sales. Not the sleazy, 80s used car salesman type of sales, but actual service skills required to book these clients. Especially if you're a cash pay practice. What are 30 new leads every month worth to you if you can't schedule them?!

Fix your sales process THEN build up your marketing plans.

This leads to immediate displeasure with the person who offered you those leads, when in fact, had you taken the time to work on improving your business skills, and hire the right people,  you wouldn't need a marketer advertising this type of "short cut" system to you. 

Marketing is simply this: Grabbing the attention of your ideal patient; sparking their interest in your services; driving the desire for the outcome you provide; and finally getting them to take action by scheduling an appointment. It is a path of nurturing, not one of casting a big net into the ocean and hoping for the best. 

Stop letting cheap marketing drive your patient acquisition process. 

When you own a business there are no short cuts to success. Just because you are great at providing a healthcare service to your patients, does not automatically mean you will also be successful as a business owner. These are 2 very different skill sets.

As a healthcare provider, you should take pride and take action on honing your craft as a business owner. Only then will you attract the right customers, employees, and revenue you desire. 

Let me know in the comments about your experience with these types of marketers.

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